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African Anti-Terrorism Bill

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The African Anti-Terrorism bill was created in response to the passing of Patriot Acts I, II, and III. The AAT Bill explains the POCC's positions on what they see as the most pressing issues of terrorism facing communitites of African people, including: "Police Terrorism, Just-Us System, Concentration Camps (U.S.), Land Grab, Mis-Education and Chemical and Biological Warfare, on African and Colonized People."

Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. on the AAT Bill:

"We’re taking a position that we don’t care if an individual is running for President or running for garbage collector in the city of Chicago, they have to take a position on this African Anti-Terrorism Bill.

"It addresses this phenomenon of terrorism from the viewpoint of the O.V.’s. The O.V’s be the Original Victims of Terrorism and that means African people. People who have been subjected to terrorism under such euphemisms as slavery, Jim Crow, red lining, gentrification, etc. We’re putting these in their correct context. We say that the crime of terrorism has no statute of limitations. We say that bomb dropped on African women and children, the MOVE organization May 13, 1985 in Philadelphia on Osage Avenue, that was terrorism. Or what happened December, 4th 1969, assassination of Chairman Fred and Defense Captain Mark Clark Defense Captain Mark Clark that was one of our Ground Zero’s. Matter of fact, yesterday December 2, 2004 when we mobilized deep to march the one-year anniversary of the cold-blooded shooting of little 17 year-old Darryl Hamilton, the brother was shot by Chicago Police. Shot several times in the back and in the head. He had his face pulled over the concrete! up under the surveillance camera. He’s an individual that we identify as our modern day Emmett Till. These are all victims of terrorism. In fact, more than that, they are original victims of terrorism. That’s just a bill that we’re pushing forward and we’re holding cats accountable. Whether they come from the white-left or any other community there’ll be endless discussion about this phenomenon.

"Just like the ruling class, they have code orange, code yellow, code green so and so forth. We have classifications for the terror we’re subjected to. Code green. Code black. Code Red. We say Mumia Abu Jamal’s status is code red. Sundiata Acoli his code is red and so many other soldiers and soldierettes who are held inside the concentration camps and in the general community at large."

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