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P.O.C.C. Freedom Campaigns and Survival Programs

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"One Prisoner, One Contact"

This campaign suggests that, according to the POCC, "for the security of our comrades, everyone should be in contact with at least one Political Prisoner/Prisoner of War/Prisoner of Conscience- kidnapped and held captive behind enemy lines.

The One Prisoner, One Contact campaign's intent is to form "principal coalitions as well as scientific relationships." The campaign builds communication through people on the outside writing to prisoners on the inside. It's not just writing about, "hi, how are you, can't wait for you to get out" - but rather building real contact between prisoners and communities to create something powerful.

"Welcome Black to the Community"

This campaign seeks to help release prisoners re-settle into the communities they were kidnapped from. Fred Hampton, Jr. sees it as members of the P.O.C.C. and community's responsibility to help them come back home and start life on the outside again. The P.O.C.C. pulls together care packages of clothes and other necessities to aid them in this endeavor.

"P.O.C.C. Triple S :Straight Street Sessions"

Straight Street Sessions follow the P.O.C.'s approach of going out to the people, to talk about the war on Africans and colonized people. To Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. and the members of the P.O.C.C., it is imperative to recognize the realities of the people. "If banging is a reality to you, then we say, bang for freedom!


Feed the People Program

The Free Breakfast Program was one of the main campaigns of the Black Panther Party. The Free the People Movement continues to feed the hungry on a regular basis through their Feed the People Program, and the P.O.C.C supports the local efforts in Atlanta of this organization.

Click to read journal excerpt of student experience with local Feed the People program.