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Sista II Sista

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Sista II Sista


Who They Are


Sista II Sista

The Young Women and Young Adult women of Sista II Sista are moulding their world one step at a time through creating a vision of what they want to to change, and taking steps to effect that change, while working on the self as well.


Completely non-hierarchical, the organizational structure of Sista II Sista is described as being a 'Flower Structure.'

  • The center of the flower comprises the Collective (the core group of young adult women who work to run SIIS daily), the Board (adult women who help form the direction of the organization), the General Membership, and the Squads (young women engaged in the work of SIIS).
  • The petals are the different activities that make up and drive the organization- everything from the Freedom School and Video Project to the Grassroots Fundraising and Organizational aspects of the group.

Sista II Sista
Sista II Sista

The horizontal-not hierarchical- structure of Sista II Sista truly sets it apart from contemporary social justice movements. The women of SIIS live the vision of the world they wish to create, and there is no hypocrisy in the management of the organization. There is no director, no tiered salaries, nor any uneven distribution of authority, but a Collective of committed adult women who work together to keep SIIS running. Decision making is done collectively and they now work on a volunteer basis, maintaining the Sista II Sista family while living active lives outside of the organization.

What They Do

Sista II Sista works to teach young women leadership and organization through a holistic approach. The various programs they run reflect this as well as their desire to imagine a different world for their community.

SIIS provides a safe space for women of color to improve themselves holisitically, while learning valuable organizing skills, and formulating ways to change their community for the better. There are classes provided throughout the week for sistas seeking self-improvement, as well as organizational workshops, and their most structured programs- the Freedom School and the resultant No More Violence Against Our Sistas! Video Project.

SIIS strongly believes in offering guidance for each young woman to improve personally and spiritually as well as growing as a leader and organizer. The person is central to the project of SIIS, setting it apart from similar organizations.

Examples of Sessions Offered: Capoeira • Break-dancing • Self-Defense • Afro-Dominican Dance Boxing • Drumming • Singing Rhyming Cypha • Theatre Yoga • Aromatherapy • Emotional Healing • Spirituality Art • Massage • Aztec Dancing

Experiencing Violence: Poetry Workshop • Revolutionary Sistas Social Justice Youth Filmmaking • Keepin’ It Visual! Camera Work 101 • Violence & Women of Color • Lighting Sound • Representations of Sistas in the Media What is Editing Anyway? • Using Final Cut Pro 3 • Creating our own Lyrics Music Lyrics: Breaking it Down • Racism in the Media • Filmmaking & Activism Sistas Liberated Ground • Power to the People!

How You Can Help

  • Learn More:

Visit [Sista II Sista] to find out more about the organization and how you can volunteer or, if you are a young woman interested in taking part in the organization's programs, how you can become a member.

  • Donate Money:

SIIS has recently returned to its strategy of Grassroots Fundraising and needs your help to survive! Click the link above to find out how to donate money to help keep this incredible organization strong.