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The Urban Think Tank Institute in their words:

"Urban Think Tank Institute is a nonpartisan, community-based home for a body of thinkers in the Hip Hop generation. It is the first organization that analyzes and frames political, economic and cultural issues, particularly those of concern to people of color, from the perspective of the Hip Hop generation. Urban Think Tank, Inc. uses a multi-media strategy to encourage an open dialogue on subject matters and to influence public policy changes." -- UrbanThinkTank.org

Our Take on the Urban Think Tank Institute:

Urban Think Tank provides an outlet for intellectual activists. The organization is a forum of expression, thought, and debate, meant to facilitate discussions about public policy and social issues that effect people of color. Though its publications of articles and position papers in Doula: The Journal of Rap Music and Hip Hop Culture, Urban Think Tank provides intellectuals with a place to express their ideas. The organization also participates in panels, meetings, and workshops to further promote a dialogue focused on urban issues.

What place does Urban Think Tank's intellectual forum have in the world of activism? As Robin Kelley addresses in his book Freedom Dreams, "the map to the new world is in the imagination." Urban Think Tank provides the necessary outlet for activists to throw around ideas--to learn and build upon each other. Its role is that of a brainstorm session. The organization is a forum for "emancipated thought" that births new social concepts and movements.

A major focus of the Urban Think Tank is engaging the political thought of young people through Hip-Hop. Through speaking engagements and social events, the Urban Think Tank Institute unlocks the ideas in their numerous position papers and channels them into the minds of young people. Read more about the Urban Think Tank Institute by using the site index above. If you're excited to get started right away, learn how you can get involved.


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